When you talk about French cuisine, French fries are the first things that come to most of our minds. The French cuisine has a rich history. It has evolved over time till the present day. Franch is known as the most refined culinary place in the world. Paris alone has more than 9,000 restaurants!

The history of French cuisine can be dated back to the middle ages. French meals then had similarity with Moorish Cuisine. Meals were served all at one time. Meals included fish and spiced meat. The main ingredients of the meal were dependent on the season and availability of ingredients. Many ingredients like meats and vegetables were preserved in jars to be served during off seasons or when these ingredients become scarce. Color of the meal was emphasized in presentation. The more colorful the meal was the better it was. Items like egg yolk, safforn, sunflower or spinach were used for food decoration. Roast peacock or swan was considered to be a lavish meal. The skin and fearthers were sewn back to these to make them look real.

During 15th and 16th century, French cuisine was influenced by Italian cuisine. The Italians were much advanced than the French. They already knew how to make manicotti, lasagna, etc. The French learned these from the Italians. Between 17th and 18th century, Haute Cusines developed. The Chefs started paying attention to the ingredients of the meal rather than making extravagant dishes. During the 21st century French dishes had rich sauces and spices. Now French meal has several courses which are served one after another and slowly.

French cuisine is now famous throughout the world. You will find many French restaurants in different parts of the world. France is still considered a major culiniary center of the world.

Everything You Need To Know About The French Cuisine