Welcome to The H Restaurant!

The H Restaurant is one of the finest restaurants you will find in Miami. Situated at one of the busiest streets of Miami, you will always find this restaurant packed with guests. Our menu mainly includes authentic French dishes.

The owner of this restaurant is from Paris and he has made sure that the restaurant has the best of France. Our main Chef has graduated from the famous French culinary school Le Cordon Bleu. He has many years of experience in preparing authentic French food and has proven himself expert in his field.

We are extremely passionate about food. Our aim is to provide delicious, yet reasonably priced food to our customers. We offer pleasant environment for people to enjoy the best French food. We pride in providing high quality food. Customers come back to our restaurant again and again because of the great tasting food and also for the warm hospitality they receive from us.

So, if you are living around Miami and craving for French food just sneak into our restaurant. You will get a wide selection of French food to choose from. Once you dine at our restaurant, you will be bound to visit us again!