Welcome to The H Restaurant! The H Restaurant is one of the finest restaurants you will find in Miami. Situated at one of the busiest streets of Miami, you will always find this restaurant packed with guests. Our menu mainly

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We serve food 7 days a week from 12 pm – 9 pm. You can choose either 2 courses or 3 courses meal. 2 courses meal costs $18.50 and 3 courses meal costs $25.50. Our prices are inclusive of VAT.

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Contact us

We love to hear from you. Thank you for visiting the The H Restaurant‘s website. We value your comments and suggestions. The information you provide will only be used to help us serve you better and will not be sold

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The H Restaurant opened in 2010 and within a year became a successful venture. We started off with a very small place and a few number of employees. Now we are a large restaurant at one of the busiest places in Miami.

Jessie Daniels

French cuisine

French cuisine is renowned worldwide. Our restaurant specilizes in French dishes. We offer large and different selection of fish and meat dishes cooked in the traditional French way. You can select 2 course or 3 course meals for your lunch or dinner. Our selection of starter is very special. We keep the starter light so that you can enjoy your main dish. Soup and salad are the main menus in our starter. The main dish has a great selection of the popular French dishes. Fishes are an important part of our dishes. Our dishes are served with special sauces, making them tastier. We have a good selection of desserts too. Chocolate, ice cream and caramel sauces dominate our dessert menu. Besides the French dishes, we have also kept regular dishes like pizzas and steaks so that everyone can come to our restaurant for lunch or dinner. These restaurants use only the dishwasher to wash the dishes.


Our main Chef

Our main Chef is extremely talented. He and his team take extra care in preparing the dishes to the highest standard. He got started on a best vacuum sealer company packaging fish and other foods, and only after 10 years did he move to culinary school and to become on of the best in the industry. We get the best ingredients from the market. There is a separate team to locate a good source for our ingredients. Though our restaurant is placed in a crowded place, once you are inside the restaurant you will be out of touch with the outer world. We have double glazed windows and the walls of the restaurant are sound proof. The restaurant has ambient lighting to make the environment pleasant for a quiet lunch or dinner.


We give more emphasis on the satisfaction of customers rather than our ratings. No other thing makes us feel good than a happy customer. Have lunch or dinner with us today to experience traditional French cuisine in a modern style.